AfDB will continue to support Nigeria — Official


The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) said it would continue to respond to the demands of African governments and the private sector customers, the bank’s Head of ICT Operations, Mr. Nicholas Williams, has said.


Williams spoke on the sidelines of a two-day Indo-African ICT Expo in Lagos. He said that Nigeria was anexciting nation in Africa.“Nigeria is a very exciting place to be, compared with other countries in Africa.The AfDB is, therefore, disposed to giving whatever Nigeria needs.Whatever Nigeria wants, be it infrastructure development and otherprojects that would need financing.

“We are usually responsive to the demands of governments and our privatesector customers.It is really a common turn for the private sector and the governmentsto approach us with their proposals and with their ideas, before we seehow best to support them,” he said.

Williams said the AfDB’s current area of focus was to raise funds for the development of ICT in Nigeria, as well as in other African countries. He noted that there was currently a growing awarenessamong young Nigerians of the importance of ICT in every aspect ofhuman endeavour.

“There is already an incredible vibrancy in the use of ICT, particularly in the content and application of ICT among Nigerian youths. There is a real recognition of the value of ICT among them.

“Even the Nigerian Government is also recognising the value of ICT, and it is working at creating the environment for the private sector to be actively engaged in ICT sector development,” he said.

Williams also said it was imperative for the Nigerian Governmentto embrace e-governance for easy and smooth discussions between it andthe citizenry.He said that e-governance would facilitate a result-oriented two-way communication system for the governments and their citizens.