Consumer advocates demand low mobile cost from Germany to EU


Germany’s Consumer Rights Association (vzbv) has demanded a cut in the costs of making mobile phone calls from Germany to other European Union (EU) countries, vzbv head Klaus Mueller said on Tuesday.

Mueller said the relatively high charges are “a considerable gap” in European regulations. He said his association would use current regulations to end this “rip-off by the telecommunications companies.”

“The EU abolished roaming charges within the bloc in June 2017, so the charges imposed on German consumers calling other EU countries are “a curious situation,” Mueller said.

He pointed to the example of mobile calls from Spain to Germany or France which cost the same as calling within Spain.


“Conversely, a German mobile phone customer calling Spain or France will pay sometimes many times more than calling within Germany.

“The situation is like a licence to print money for the mobile telecommunications providers,’’ Mueller said.

In June 2017, the EU had set up new rules meant for mobile phone users not to pay extra charges when they leave their countries for other member states.

However, critics said German and Spanish lobbyists have watered down those rules in which the Germany’s consumer protection organisation described the new rules as meaningless.