Fire service cautions residents to avert fire outbreaks


The Director of the Fire Service, Mr Paul Aboi, gave the warning  in Kaduna.

He said whenever people failed to heed such warnings, the consequences could be very dire.

He said for instance, if a glowing cigarette butt was not properly extinguished, it could provoke serious fire outbreaks.

He attributed most of the fires in the state in recent times to faulty electrical gadgets, candles and uncontrolled or illegal burning of waste.
“Fires can lead to loss of lives and property; burning of waste is often seen as a cheap method of managing waste.

“Although it is presumed not to be harmful to the environment but that is not true,’’ he said.
Aboi said the fire service was appealing to residents to follow simple burning ordinances, while taking extra precautions whenever they were burning anything outside their homes.
“We have had series of fire incidents and people ought to be extra vigilant; people should just play safe and exercise a lot of caution,’’ he said.
Aboi pledged that the state fire service would continue to give quality service delivery, adding that it had salvaged people and property, worth millions of naira, from infernos across the state.


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